Fat Burning Coffee

fat burning coffee

Fat Burning Coffee- Organic Colombian Ground Roast Infused With Green Tea Extract, Keto Diet Friendly Micro Roast with Powerful Antioxidants

Fat Burning Coffee-Why Fit & Focused?

At Fit and Focused, we see the appreciation our customers have for a quality coffee, and that will always remain our utmost priority. What's more, we've gone a step further by infusing the Colombian grounds with Green Tea Extract to deliver on a calorie burning, antioxidant-rich, metabolism boosting quality coffee. We recognize our responsibility to introduce you to the future of coffee. Welcome.

Brand                        : FIT AND FOCUSED PRODUCTS

Diet Type                  : Keto

Caffeine Content      : Caffeinated

Roast Level              : Medium_roast

Specialty                  : Kosher Certified

About this item

💦 Green Tea-Infused Coffee: Naturally Increase Your Daily Calorie Burn and Metabolism

💦 Organic and Kosher Coffee

💦 Ground Micro Roast Packaged With High Quality Degassing Valve To Preserve Freshness

💦 Imported Colombian Arabica Roasted in a Micro-Batch for Freshness and Quality

💦 Filled with Antioxidants to Help Fight Free Radicals

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