Coffee Toledo Single Serving Instant Coffee Bags

Coffee Toledo Medium Roast Single Serving Coffee Bags

Coffee Toledo Medium Roast Single Serving Coffee Bags, Instant Coffee Packets for Camping, Flavored Single Brew Ground Coffee, 25 Steeped Coffee Bags.

About this item

Pot Brewing: Our medium roast coffee pods are easy and simple. Each bag of pre-brewed coffee contains 6 grams of ground coffee. Depending on the desired strength, each coffee bag is good for 8 ounces of water. Travel coffee bags will help you have energy.

Part of your morning routine: Disposable coffee capsules make this a quick and easy part of your morning routine. Each sample of medium roast coffee is made from mountain coffee from Ecuador. Our experts have completed this signature mix and created delicious and delicious coffee and coffee, with soft finish to fill with coffee lovers.

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Coffee for bag: Our coffee drops are slowly fried and, using traditional methods, which is a paradise to drink black or creamy and sugary, creates a rich, mild and milled aroma of the body. Each individually sealed coffee bag contains 6 grams of coffee with a filter paper pyramid envelope, ready to brew.

ENJOY ANYWHERE: Organic ground coffee is easy to enjoy anytime - whether at the start of a new day or as a reward at the end of a long day. This travel-ready, disposable bag does not require a coffee filter. So this filter bag ground coffee is suitable for home, office, long trips, picnic, camping, hiking etc.

25 FRESH TEA BAGS: Our gift coffee sampler set includes 25 bags of freshly ground espresso coffee. It is prepared very quickly and easily. Add a bag of cold coffee to 8 cups of boiling water and wait 60 seconds. For a stronger taste, drink up and down the bag. Our coffee in tea bags is the perfect gift for those who love to enjoy exotic coffee.

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