How to Soothe Your Bulldog’s Dry & Cracked Nose

 The Blissful Dog Nose Butter for Dry Dog Nose

Soothe Your Bulldog’s Dry & Cracked Nose

Is Your Bulldog's Nose Dry? Or Even Covered With Layers of Crusty Crud? Don't Worry - We've Got Your Bulldog Covered!

Whether your Bulldog's nose is a tiny bit dry or covered in layers of cracked, ugly crust, Nose Butter will moisturize and soothe that rough dry nose…naturally!

Bulldog Dry Noses - What Causes This & How To Get Rid Of It !

What Causes Your Bulldog's Dry Nose

Many dogs have a certain level of a dry nose. This can be caused by low household humidity levels, living in an arid climate, certain medications and illnesses or breed predisposition.

But, if your Bulldog's nose is covered with layers of dry crust they may have extreme dryness condition called Nasal Hyperkeratosis. Nasal Hyperkeratosis is a nose tissue overgrowth that causes their nose to be covered with layers of overgrown crusty tissue. While not life-threatening, this condition can affect your dog's mental, emotional and physical health. The good news is Nose Butter works on all levels of dryness.

Your Bulldog's Quality of Life

A chronically dry nose can lead to your Bulldog not living life fully. Your dog's nose attracts scents that float by and sends them to the scent sorting part of their nose to be categorized as urgent or not. This gives them decision making info. While we can't promise your Bulldog won't decide to bark at the doorbell on tv, we can promise they will be getting more info!

Here's an example…how do you feel when you have No Signal on your phone as you drive in an unfamiliar area at night and the gas tank is hovering near E? That's how your Bulldog feels when they can't snag the smells that bring them info! Stressed, off-balance and anxious.

Bulldog Nose Butter Ingredients | All Natural Good Stuff

Individually Handcrafted in Minnesota for Your Bulldog

Since 2002 The Blissful Dog has been helping dogs look and feel their blissful best. Your Bulldog's Nose Butter is handcrafted and poured one-by-one by The Blissful Dog staff, at The Blissful Dog headquarters in far, science fiction cold, northern Minnesota. Made by dog lovers for dog lovers, we are honored to be entrusted with your dog's care.

Unscented Nose Butter has no added essential oils or fragrance. Scented Nose Butter has a dash of Cedarwood, Cypress and Ylang Ylang.

Why All the Different Dog Breed Nose Butter Labels?

The recipe for Nose Butter is the same whether it has a Pug or a Chow on the label. The labels are to celebrate the vast diversity amongst dog breeds and each dog's uniqueness. We also offer an Every Dog Nose and Mixed Breed labels.

 More Blissful Bits of Nose Butter Info

·        Non-toxic formulation

·        No active ingredients

·        Thick dense texture to penetrate your dog's nose tissue

·        Product in tins and tubes is the exact same, just different methods of application

·        Choose tin for more hands on application

·        Choose tube for more precision & less mess

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